Playroom Disaster

Dowd Simpson

27 Feb, 2017

My husband and I have created a playroom for our children that we hope they adore. We have dress up clothes and legos, a kitchen and baby dolls, stuffed animals and coloring books, puzzles and dump trucks. It is a creative, neat, organized and beautiful playroom. This morning I walked in there to discover that my children had taken every bin and all of its contents and dumped them all over the entire room. Not just one neatly organized, labeled bin, but every last container of trucks, dolls, markers, stickers, kitchen utensil and legos. Everything was on the floor and on full display. 

As I surveyed the room a rush of panic came over me. The order and beauty we had created for our children, now looked as if a stage five hurricane had just blown through. I walked over stuffed animals, stepped on legos and slipped on coloring books. I found myself continuing to say no. No. No. No. And why. Why. Why. Why. I left. I walked out of the playroom and into another room to catch my breath. While I sat down I thought about God’s grace and was struck by how tremendously awesome He is.

God had created a garden for His children that He wanted us to adore. It was a creative, neat, organized and beautiful garden. And we destroyed it. We wrecked the order and beauty of our relationship with Him. But rather than linking a string of “no’s” and “why’s” together, our Father gently calls us out of hiding. Rather than running away into a different room, He seeks after us.

God does not run away from our mess but calls us by name. God does not look upon our state and panic but looks upon our state and rescues. He enters into the mess of our lives, the mess of our marriage, the mess of our parenting, the mess of our business, the mess of our singlehood, the mess of our striving and our failures. God enters in. God enters in to be with us, to be as one of us. Our holy, perfect, righteous God, He who knew no sin, bore flesh and walked among us, talked to us, listened to us, touched us and is healing us through the power of his Son Jesus Christ and His redeeming work on the cross.

So when I went back into the disaster of a playroom, I saw my own mess on full display for God to see. I saw how God has graciously called me by name, out of hiding. I saw how God has entered into my sin. He is not afraid of it. It is not too messy for Him, or too big that He can not hold it in the palm of His hand. There is nothing that I have or could do that outstretches the reach of his love. In the midst of bins and toys I thanked Jesus for fully taking my mess and my sin upon His shoulders to the cross, where He died in my place, and rose again victoriously over the grave. I thanked God for the redeeming work He is doing in my life.